aespa’s Winter was recently seen with a bruise on her arm… Fans are worrying about her health 

The recent health condition of aespa’s Winter is causing fans to worry.

On July 17th, a netizen posted recent photos of Winter on the online community Nate Pann, expressing their concerns about the health condition of the aespa member


Revealing recent photos of Winter, this netizen said, “Not long ago, Winter couldn’t join a schedule because she was sick. Unlike the other 3 members, she was the only person who came on the stage to perform with an IV. ‘I think it will be better because I’m meeting my fans’, she said on Bubble but was then absent from an offline fansigning event due to health problems. Later, she sent another Bubble message, saying ‘I’m sorry for disappointing you’”. 

The released photos show Winter with a noticeable IV drip mark on her arm. In response to this article, fans commented, “I hope SM takes better care of her”, “Winter carries the promotion while getting IVs regularly but she doesn’t show any sign of tiredness. She’s so amazing”, etc.


Meanwhile, aespa made a comeback with their second mini-album “Girls” on July 8th.

Source: wikitree

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