aespa’s full list of achievements after 1 week since their comeback with “Girls”

Within 1 week since the release of their mini album and title song “Girls”, aespa have garnered numerous noticeable achievements

As of July 14th, aespa’s 2nd mini album “Girls” has sold 1,126,068 copies, based on Hanteo chart, making aespa the first female Kpop girl group to ever achieve this number. “Girls” is also the best-selling album among female artists in the history of Hanteo charts. 

Meanwhile, on Circle (previously Gaon), “Girls” debuted at the 1st position of the weekly physical chart with 1,426,487 copies sold, making them the highest female seller here. 

On the music platform iTunes, aespa came 1st on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, and landed first in the Top Albums charts of 1 nations. MEanwhile, their title song “Girls” debuted at no.13 on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart.

On famous music streaming platform Spotify, aespa has surpassed 5.7 million monthly listeners, while their title song “Girls” debuted at no.147 in Spotify Global Top 200.

Regarding the official music video of “Girls”, it has exceeded 69 million YouTube views and 1.4 million likes within the first week of release. Meanwhile, as of 9 A.M (KST),  the rankings of “Girls” on Korean music platforms are as follows: 

#4 Bugs

#13 MelOn Top 100

#14 FLO

#14 Genie

aespa has now started their promotions on Korean music shows, promising even further achievements for this latest comeback of them.

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