Rosé deserves the title of “sold out queen” as any outfit worn by her quickly went out-of-stock

Fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on any item chosen by BLACKPINK’s Rosé.

In addition to her excellent beauty and talent, Rosé (BLACKPINK) also has a pretty strong influence on fashion. The female idol deserves to become the “sold out queen” when whatever she wears or represents is grabbed off the stands after by the public.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé of BLACKPINK has the ability to make everything sold out. 

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar magazine released the cover photo of the May issue starring Rosé. The “Australian Rose” looks extremely attractive in a luxurious black dress. The designs are all from Saint Laurent fashion house with Rosé as the brand ambassador. In which, there are 2 dresses worth more than 22 thousand USD each. 

Rosé appeared on the cover of the magazine with an attractive appearance. 
In the set of photos, the dresses are not clearly visible. 

Notably, right after that, people were confused at the information that both dresses Rosé in the magazine were sold out. Fans are curious to know which “rich women” are so quick “hunting” for these two expensive dresses. Both are sexy see-through designs, making many people think that the buyer may have just wanted to add it to their collection. In particular, although there are no photos in the magazine that show the whole dress, with her charisma and influence, Rosé still makes many people choose to buy them.

Another time, Rosé also caused a fever when appearing in Dazed magazine. The female idol wears an all black outfit, with polka dot socks priced at almost 200 USD and high heels of Saint Laurent brand for 708 USD. 

blackpink rosé
The shoes worth 708 USD were enthusiastically welcomed by fans. 

Rosé once helped the Saint Laurent faux-fur trimmed leather skirt that cost 3,190 USD get out-of-stock in an instant. Even the jacket she wore in a selfie posted on her personal Instagram also flew off the shelves. Any outfit she represents is “sold out”, so it’s no wonder she is so favored by the Saint Laurent fashion house.

blackpink rosé
Rosé’s expensive feathered leather skirt in Dazed magazine. 
blackpink rosé
She only wore a casual outfit to take pictures, but she still made the coat clean. 

Despite the extravagant prices, people rushed to hunt everything that Rosé wore. The skirt with a checkerboard pattern of 5,200 USD from Louis Vuitton brand quickly went out of stock. The other dresses of the same price range the female idol wore in the magazine photo shoot are also out of stock.

blackpink rosé
People even hunt for the Luxury Louis Vuitton skirts.
blackpink rosé
Whatever the price, any Rosé’s item will be sold out in a blink of an eye. 

The public were even more shocked knowing that the simple bag that appeared with Rosé while she was hanging out with Jisoo had drawn the attention of the fans. Although the The Row bag costs up to 1,616 USD, people still purchase it immediately.

blackpink rosé
Accidentally choosing a bag to go out with, Rosé still makes it go out of stock quickly. 
Pre-Oscar Party
Rosé’s influence is growing. 

People are seeing Rosé as an expert in the fashion field since she has the superpower of helping items get sold out. Once thought to be the least popular female idol in BLACKPINK, Rosé now makes anyone admire. Besides, the fact that any outfit that she wears is sold out in a minute has helped Rosé get the attention of many “big guys” of the fashion field. 

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