1001 untold stories of Kpop backstage: BTS has to use respirators, Rosé (BLACKPINK) dries her top with a fan 

The untold moments behind the stage pique the interest of fans. 

BTS collapsed backstage, had to use respirators 

In 2020, a scene was retold by two YouTubers that BTS collapsed after going to the backstage area. They said: “I was backstage, and of course they had rehearsals and practice, but what really shocked me was when BTS was on stage, they were so powerful and perfect, but when it all ended they said thank you and gave their final greetings, waving to fans as they got off stage, and as soon as they were no longer in the camera frame they all collapsed on the floor. The staff was fanning them, cooling them down. Suga was literally supported by staff members, who linked their arms with him to hold him up.”

He continued, “It was obvious that they gave 100 percent. And then, they were carried to the waiting room. It would’ve been touching to even someone who’s not a fan,” adding “the fans don’t see it happening though, do they?” to which the first responded “since it happened backstage, the fan’s would never know.”

In another performance, the reporter at the scene recounted the moment they witnessed BTS had to use respirators at the “Golden Disc Awards” due to a demanding performance. 

He said: “Was it the Golden Disk Awards? I’m not sure, but I was behind the stage when they were performing. BTS had done two or three songs before coming down from the stage. As soon as they got off the stage, they put on these oxygen masks,” adding, “They hold themselves together on the stage, but when they come down, they let go and need respirators to help them breathe. I’ve never seen idols like that before…”

Jungkook had to use oxygen mask at the Chilean concert in 2017 

Similar incidents happened before in 2017 in a Chilean concert. At that time, Jungkook fainted and had to use a respirator. In the same year, the members collapsed after giving a series of performances at the MAMA Awards. 

BTS members collapsed on the floor after the MAMA performance 

Jennie and Lisa accidentally revealed Rosé drying her top with a fan 

After the “BORN PINK” concert in Manila, Lisa posted a photo series from behind the scenes as a way to show her gratitude for the fans. Notably, in a shared photo between Jennie and Lisa, fans noticed that Rosé’s top was being dried by a fan. 

A hilarious moment of ITZY sharing the pink wall at the Music Core to take photos

The pink wall at the Music Core is often a “landmark” for idols to take photos with. In their appearance on the music show, ITZY took the opportunity to take pictures with the wall. Notably, all members of the group took up a small corner of the wall to keep the memory in the photo while not accidentally “photo-bombing” the other. 

ITZY all took photos with the pink wall at the Music Core 
TWICE also took a group photo with this background 
BLACKPINK was no exception 

Super Junior spent their time training their vocals minutes before the stage 

Recently, Super Junior held the “Super Show 9” concert in Southeast Asia. After nearly 10 days, Dong Hae released a vlog capturing backstage moments of preparing for the concert. 

One activity stood out as the group was training their vocals before going onstage. The video quickly went viral on the internet for Super Junior’s professionalism and dedication for the performances. 

Super Junior
Dong Hae and Super Junior members practiced before going onstage 

Source: K14

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