Gong Yoo, who hardly shows his face nowadays, reveals a surprising currently situation

New photos posted by actor Gong Yoo caught the attention of netizens.

On November 10th, Gong Yoo posted several photos and videos of his current situation on his Instagram.

In one of the published photos, the actor can be seen fishing on a boat at sea, while wearing a comfortable outfit and a hat. He was on the deck looking keenly at a fishing rod and waiting endlessly to catch some fish. 

gong yoo fishing

Then, it seems that after various hardships, the actor caught a truly enormous reward – a red snapper the size of his own body. The actor also took a photo of himself holding the shiny fish with joy apparent on his face.

His bright smile makes even the viewers happy. 

gong yoo fishing

However, in a video that was later released, the unbelievable 75cm red snapper was sent back to sea by Gong Yoo. While doing this, the actor also said, “Let everything go well. I will let you go, my record-breaking red snapper”. 

Actress Lee Min Jung, who saw Gong Yoo’s excited post, also shared the joy by leaving the comment, “Doesn’t that taste really good when steamed?”.

gong yoo fishing

Meanwhile, fans also expressed enthusiasm through comments such as, “This is so awesome. You must be so proud after catching a fish that big”, “It’s worth showing off if you catch something that size”, “I’m so happy to see you happy”, “Do whatever you want to do”, “Is this the Instagram of a fisherman?”, and “Did you become a fisherman?”

Gong Yoo, who is known as a fishing maniac, has previously published various fishing photos on his SNS. 

gong yoo fishing

In particular, after Gong Yoo’s agency, Management Soop, revealed the actor’s official Instagram account, only pictures of fish were uploaded, raising suspicion that it was a fishing account. 

Born in 1979, Gong Yoo made his official debut as an actor in the 2001 KBS 2TV drama “School 4”. This year marked the 21st anniversary of his debut.

gong yoo fishing

Ever since, the actor has shown excellent acting skills via movies “Finding Mr. Destiny”, “Silenced”, “The Suspect”, “A Man anđ a Woman”, “Train to Busan”, “The Age of Shadows”, “Kim Ji Young: Born 1982”, and “Seo Bok”, as well as via series such as “Hello My Teacher”, “One Fine Day”, “Coffee Prince”, “Big” and “Goblin”. He has been taking a break after appearing in the 2021 Netflix series “The Silent Sea”.

gong yoo fishing

Source: wikitree

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