MAMAMOO’s Hwasa talked about how she cope with controversies (No bra fashion, revealing outfits and more)

Hwasa recalled her unique way to deal with scandals.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is considered KPOP’s new trend maker. What Hwasa wears, what she eats, and what she doesn’t wear can all become issues. What attracted even more attention than her controversies was Hwasa’s relaxed attitude towards them. When an unintended controversy arose, Hwasa confronted it in her own way. 


Hwasa appeared on KBS2’s “You have to stop at least once,” which aired on March 10th, and recalled the reason why she wrote her solo song “Maria.” ‘Maria‘ is a song released in 2020 by Hwasa, who participated in composing and writing its lyrics.

Lee Sun-hee said, “After seeing the detailed lyrics of the song ‘Maria’, I knew that it was a way for people in their 20s to casually express their painful story.” 

“I’ve been criticized so much, I got an upset stomach (too much)

It’s sad but what can I do (I do)

Everyone worked hard hating me

If you destroy me

Will you get food to eat??”

 “I’ll change my way

I’ll change crisis to opportunity

If you really wanna see me cry

Here you go, my tears.”

 (Part of the lyrics of ‘Maria’, translated by genius.com)

Hwasa said, “Just because I wear revealing outfits and have different makeup, I’m considered a bad person.” “Do these people want me to just cry?” and “Do you want me to be hurt?” I wrote with my feelings, “Yes, I’ll give you tears.” “I wrote the song when I was having a hard time, so my feelings were written,” she explained. “’Maria’ is also my baptismal name. It’s a song that gives me comfort,” the singer said.

Hwasa has become a hot topic for her fashion such as stage outfits. At the 2018 MAMA, she was embroiled in controversy over her red-toned leather bodysuit. People pointed out that some of the butts were exposed.

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Her lingerie look at SBS Gayo Daejeon in the same year also received harsh criticism. Since MAMA was aired on a cable channel, it might be okay because the program could only be seen by those aged 15 and above, but appearing with that outfit at music awards on terrestrial channels was said to be quite excessive. 

Later, Hwasa directly mentioned her outfit that had become a hot topic on “Radio Star”. She said, “Which part is excessive? The butt part? I just thought it was better to not wear anything instead of revealing it vaguely. I thought about how to pull it off well and wear it on the stage to make myself cooler”. 

In 2019, Hwasa made headlines as she appeared at the airport without wearing a bra. The keyword “Hwasa’s ‘no bra’” rapidly dominated the real-time top search. Hwasa only intended to pursue comfortable fashion by not wearing tight clothes and underwear, but that caused her to become the center of controversies. Moreover, she still had to receive malicious comments despite not affecting anyone.


Hwasa didn’t seem to care about that. She responded in such a cool way, “I didn’t do it intentionally. I just acted naturally and comfortably. I’ve never done it for any purpose”, adding, “Some people might feel uncomfortable with how I do it so freely, but many other people still liked it. Thank you for giving both opinions. I recognized the things I forgot. I could feel people’s warmth when they didn’t stop me from doing the thing I feel comfortable but they don’t”.

Hwasa is a singer. She began to deliver messages with her songs. Hwasa participated in writing lyrics for her solo songs, “TWIT”, “Maria”, “I’m a B”, and expressed her thoughts.


She wrote “Maria” to comfort the listeners that “you deserve to be loved”, and “I’m a B” to proudly introduce herself as a rebelliou girl. Every time things happen to Hwasa, she would solve it by singing her thoughts through songs. Hwasa said, “Everything is beautiful the way it is, but these days, decorations on the outside are getting more important. As expected, I hate myself being swept away by those thoughts. I’m not sure but I’m full of rebelliousness”.

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