A rookie singer who debuted through a competition program is suspected of giving fans’ gifts to his girlfriend

Fatal suspicions have erupted over a rookie singer who is growing a fandom.

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On March 12th, a post titled “A rookie male singer who lets his girlfriend (presumption) wear and certify gifts from fans” was uploaded on the online community Nate Pann. 

The author claimed that fans sent a lot of clothes as the singer did not seem to have many outfits because it has not been long since his debut. Then, they found these clothes on the public SNS account of a woman who is believed to be the singer’s acquaintance or girlfriend.

Coincidentally, the clothes the woman was wearing in front of the camera and the gifts fans sent to the singer were the same.

In response, some fans sent messages to the singer’s SNS account. However, what they received was an account block instead of an answer. According to the messages sent by fans, it seems that the woman was in charge of designing the essay book published by the singer, and the SNS account’s information was known to many.

A rookie singer who debuted through a competition program is suspected of giving fans' gifts to his girlfriend

The author also expressed disappointment and anger at the fact that the fandom name was not engraved on the expensive custom microphone which fans raised money and prepared for the singer.

Lastly, the author mentioned the singer’s characteristics to prevent other singers from being misunderstood.

Netizens suspect that he is an active singer who participated in TV Chosun’s survival program “National Singer” and recently appeared on TV Chosun’s “The Country Calls”.

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In this regard, the agency told Wikitree, “We are only considering it as a suspicion. There has been no special position to deliver yet.”

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