Not the female lead of ‘A Business Proposal’, this is the most beloved beauty right now, who is about to become the new national first love?

The attraction of A Business Proposal is great but still inferior to this drama

A Business Proposal‘ is undeniably great today, but objectively, it can’t surpass ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ – tvN’s weekend drama. According to recent records, the rating of ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ has officially reached the 2-digit milestone, the attraction is constantly increasing and its quality is also considered to be slightly better than other series aired at the same time.

Thanks to the popularity of ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘, Kim Tae Ri became more popular than ever. Kim Tae Ri‘s talent cannot be denied, but because in the past she mainly acted in movies or academic and artistic works, Kim Tae Ri has not really received the attention she deserves. With this comeback, her name really reached a new level.

Kim Tae Ri-Twenty Five Twenty One

In the drama, Kim Tae Ri plays a high school girl, Na Hee Do, who overcame the difficulties of the IMF financial crisis in 1998 with a strong passion for fencing. She attracts viewers with her cheerful personality and bright smile. Even at the age of 32, Kim Tae Ri is also called by the Korean press with the name “new national first love”, although quite late, but very worthy of what she shows this time.

Twenty Five, Twenty One is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday night on tvN.

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