“Squid Game” Jung Ho-yeon reveals her ribs through the latest pictorial… Her visual itself is a masterpiece

Actress Jung Ho-yeon, who received worldwide attention thanks to “Squid Game”, completed the pictorial by revealing her ribs.

On March 11th, Elle Korea released Jung Ho-yeon‘s pictorial on Instagram. Jung Ho-yeon, who graced the cover of Elle’s April issue, showed a dynamic pose.

Jung Ho-yeon-Elle Korea

In particular, Jung Ho-yeon wore a costume that revealed her ribs clearly. She even expressed this artistically.

In other photos, Jung Ho-yeon exuded her limitless charm with free expressions and poses.

Jung Ho-yeon-Elle Korea

Meanwhile, Jung Ho-yeon recently won the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards for her role in Netflix’s drama “Squid Game“.

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