Secretly dating celebrity couples unintentionally exposed themselves while on live broadcast

Ryu Jun-yeol and Girls’ Day’s Hyeri admitted their romantic relationship and the fact that they developed their feelings from friends’ into lovers’ in 2017. The couple have been dating openly for six years.

Youtube 'tvN D ENT'
Youtube ‘tvN D ENT’

After actor Ryu Jun-yeol and actress Hyeri admitted their romantic relationship, their moments in a past awards ceremony drew attention again.

Hyeri's Instagram
Hyeri’s Instagram

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri appeared together on tvN’s drama “Reply 1988.” The two won the Rising Star Award at the 2016 “tvN10 Awards” and took the stage together.

Youtube ‘tvN D ENT’

When Ryu Jun-yeol unconsciously tried to reach out to hold Hyeri’s hand on the way to the stage, Hyeri was surprised and put off his hand to hold his arm instead. As a result, the scene where Ryu Jun-yeol recognized the situation and exchanged eyes with Hyeri was broadcast live.

At that time, netizens responded by saying, “I noticed Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri’s relationship from this award show,” “They’re so cute,” “Couples’ habit of holding hands is scary,” and “So flustering.”

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hye-ri are quietly dating and cheering for each other’s activities.

Meanwhile, Hyeri is appearing in the KBS2 drama “Moonshine” and is being active as an actress.


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