K-netizens on Pann say these are the TOP3 boy groups of each year in the history of KPOP

These are objectively the TOP3 boy groups for each year in the KPOP history
These are objectively the TOP3 boy groups for each year in the KPOP history
2004 DBSK, Shinwa, GOD
2005 DBSK, Shinwa, GOD
2006 DBSK, SS501, Super Junior
2007 Big Bang, Super Junior, DBSK
2008 Big Bang, DBSK, Shinee
2009 Big Bang, Shinee, 2PM
2010 Shinee, Beast, 2PM
2011 Beast, Big Bang, Shinee
2012 Big Bang, Beast, Infinite
2013 EXO, Shinee, Big Bang
2014 EXO, Big Bang, Winner
2015 EXO, Big Bang, BTS
2016 EXO, BTS, Big Bang
2017 BTS, EXO, Wanna One
2018 BTS, EXO, Wanna One
Sources: Pann
[+324, -181] BTS in 2015? Really?
[+297, -64] DBSK and EXO are their generation’s fandom kings.
[+189, -4] Those who are bashing DBSK must be kids. Just watch one of their past ddechang performance (ddechang: where the fans can sing along with the performers), you’ll know you can’t ignore their popularity.
[+67, -8] Oviously netizens on Pann are too young to know about the legendary Big-Dong-Shi (Big Bang, DBSK, Shinee)
[+47, -6] Reason why you can’t leave Shinee out: They have a ten-year-old fandom that can fill Olympic Gymnastics Stadium for three days in a roll.
[+43, -17] When you look at all of it, there seem to be only DBSK, BigBang and EXO
[+43, -5] Until 2009, DBSK had written history, my friends. Just atch one of their ddechang performances and then we can talk. How old are you? Of course Big Bang are popular to the general public and also have a strong fandom, but…Shinee, 2Pm, Beast and Infinite are also so famous that their songs climb up charts whenever they have a comeback. I think only when EXO debuted that DBSK’s popularity was evened out with the “Growl” syndrome.

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