“The real straight-out-of-a-comic book flower boy”…CRAVITY’s Min-hee fluttered fan’s heart with his Prince Charming beauty 

The identity of “King of Mask Singer” Iced Americano Even If It’s Freezing Cold was Min-hee of the group CRAVITY. 

MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” which aired on March 6th, featured the first match of the second round between Iced Americano Even If It’s Freezing Cold and Bucket List.

As the mature Bucket List advanced to the third round with his fresh voice, the identity of Iced Americano Even If It’s Freezing Cold was revealed to be Min-hee from CRAVITY.

When Min-hee appeared, the female judges expressed their affection, saying, “His skin tone is so fair” and “He is so handsome.”

Kang Min-hee-Cravity

Min-hee said, “It’s an honor for me to sing in front of my respected seniors,” adding, “I practiced hard because I wanted to look good, but I still lack a lot, so I will continue to work harder.

People sitting at the judges panel sent hearts to him one after another while Shin Bong-sun couldn’t take her eyes off the telescope, drawing laughter.

Previously, Min-hee performed a choreography without taking off his padded coat. He said, “I danced without taking off my coat because I was scared people can recognize me since I’m very thin.” Min-hee later took off his padded coat at the request of MC Kim Seong-joo and showed off his slender body, proving he was born to be an idol.

Kang Min-hee-Cravity

Min-hee, who debuted in 2020 with CRAVITY, expressed his gratitude towards his group, saying, “Personal schedules are good,  but as I have already started this, I hope my members will get to show various sides of them on “King of Mask Singer” as well”.

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