K-netizens Shocked by Female Idol’s Lesbian Relationship and Cheating Exposure 

A female idol recently revealed that she dated a group member for 2 years only for the latter to cheat on her with another group member. 

Recently, Shen Xiaoai, a member of the Chinese girl group SNH48, revealed that she was in a relationship with fellow group member Lu Xinyi for over 2 years. However, Lu Xinyi cheated on her with another member of the group, Wang Yuchen. 

Shen Xiaoai also wrote a long message expressing her feelings and attached some chat logs as evidence. 

The shocking news, which entails a lesbian relationship and a cheating exposure, has quickly garnered attention both in and outside of China. In fact, a topic regarding this news has attracted over 80,000 views and 300 comments within just a few hours. 

shen xiaoai-lu xinyi- wang yuchen

According to the aforementioned topic, it seems that Shen Xiaoai revealed the news in order to avoid doing “couple performances” with Lu Xinyi in the future. In addition, despite the reveal, all 3 people are still active in the group.

Most Korean netizens seem to be shocked at the fact that a celebrity can reveal their sexuality publicly in China.

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • Is it okay to come out with something like this? Especially in China?
  • Doesn’t that country ideologically suppress homosexuality?
  • I don’t know the government’s guidelines, but it feels like homosexuality is common among ordinary Chinese people and there is no culture of stigmatization like in Korea 
  • China has a tolerant social atmosphere…
  • This is wild to hear about…
  • The most shocking thing is that she cheated with a member of the same group.

Source: theqoo

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