BTS Jimin proved his powerful vocal ability by ranking first place in the Shining Awards’s “Best Kpop Male Highest Voice Range”  

The idol continues his winning streak in vocal categories in voting awards. 

Recently, BTS Jimin won 114.500 votes in the “Best Kpop Male Highest Vocal Range” category held for a month by global voting site ‘Shining Awards’ in October, coming out in first place with 48.15 percent of the vote.

Jimin boasts an attractive mid- to low-pitched voice that previously topped ‘Exciting Dish’’s “High-pitched Genius Star Showing Explosive Singing Power” category. 

bts jimin me, myself and jimin

Although Jimin did not receive any professional vocal training as a trainee, the singer became the lead vocalist and took charge of the ultra-high-pitched climax segment, leaving a strong impact with a distinct and recognizable vocal in a group’s song, earning for himself the nickname “killing part maker”.

Regarding Jimin’s excellent ultra-high-pitched vocals, Sportskeeda, a global media outlet commented on Jimin’s voice, “Jimin’s high-pitched vocals need no words. He can easily and beautifully sing very high notes like taking a walk in the park”. They also launched a special report introducing five songs featuring Jimin’s vocal ability, including “Am I Wrong”, “Hold Me Tight” and “Let Me Know”. 

bts jimin me, myself and jimin

In particular, a Spanish media praised Jimin’s high pitch, which is difficult for even female vocals to perform.  As the lead vocalist of the group, “He helped BTS shine around the world with charisma and flawless choreography”. 

In addition, Japanese music media ‘Real Sound’ praised it as “a light and transparent high-pitched sound” and Jimin is showing a global reputation representing male vocalists in K-pop with full support from fans around the world, media, and experts.

Source: daum

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