Jessi says her breasts are mistaken for being “as large as watermelons” and reveals her real bra size

Rapper Jessi pointed out a misunderstanding about her body size.

On the April 20th broadcast of Mnet’s ‘TMI Show’, Jessi appeared as a guest and revealed the secrets to managing her body. Since she was born with a naturally skinny constitution, Jessi explained that she concentrated on full-body workouts to bulk up and achieve a healthy figure. In particular, Jessi proves herself to be a master of leg press as she revealed a surprising TMI, “I can carry five men.”


Known for having big breasts, Jessi also brought up her bra size on the show, saying, “I have something I really want to say. I’m actually a big B cup.” 

She continued, “I want to let people know. My bra size is not as big as you think. I’m not even up to a G cup. It’s about a small C cup. People think my breasts are as big as watermelons, but that’s not true. They’re more like pears or big apples.”


In response to the ‘spicy’ talk, MC Boom said while laughing, “You’re talking about my favorite fruits.”

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