aespa is really the first girl group to be invited to perform on the main stage of Coachella or is it just SM’s “media play”?

SM’s rookie aespa will be the next Kpop girl group to attend the biggest music festival on the planet – Coachella

aespa is the next group confirmed to participate in the Coachella music festival. This morning (April 20), the 4 girls departed for the US. However, K-pop fans argued about the four girls being the “first girl group to be invited to perform on the main stage of Coachella”.

aespa is the next K-pop group to perform at Coachella.

Specifically, the official Twitter account of aespa recently posted an announcement: “aespa becomes KPOP’s first girl group to be invited to perform on the main stage of America’s biggest music festival, Coachella! Setlist includes some of their hottest tracks along with an unreleased new song! Their much-anticipated performance will take place on April 23!”

aespa’s announcement soon sparked controversy by stating that “aespa was the first Kpop girl group to be invited to perform on the main stage of Coachella”. Many viewers think that SM Entertainment is overly media playing.

Earlier on April 17, 2NE1 also performed on the “main stage” of this music festival. Famous international newspapers such as Rolling Stone, New Musical Express or Billboard all use the phrase “main stage” to talk about the reunion of 2NE1.

2NE1 performed on Coachella’s main stage
The famous music magazine Rolling Stone “confirmed” 2NE1 performing on the main stage.

In particular, although SM confirmed that aespa performed on the main stage of the music festival, on the poster of Coachella, the group’s name was not mentioned. Meanwhile, in 2019, BLACKPINK’s name appeared on the poster, on par with many famous artists.

aespa was not on the list of performing artists on March 24.
aespa appeared as a “special guest” on the main stage of Doja Cat.
BLACKPINK’s name was listed on the poster
BLACKPINK at Coachella was mentioned as a legend.

In 2019, BLACKPINK was present in the official Coachella line up. Although the group was said to be performing at the “Sahara Tent” side stage, the founder of this music festival flew to Korea a year earlier to invite the group, even before the super hit DDU-DU DDU-DU was released and helped BLACKPINK become globally famous

BLACKPINK is also the only girl group to perform two nights. At the same time, the YG girls were also present in the documentary “Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert” released on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of this festival.


Currently, the fact that aespa will perform at Coachella is still causing a lot of controversy on social networks. Besides, fans are also looking forward to the group’s explosive performance.

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