A new drama battle between “Doctor Lawyer”, “Eve” and “Why Her”, how is the public’s reaction?

Let’s take a look at the ratings and reactions of each new work.

The new dramas, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer,” tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve,” and SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her,” have been unveiled. As these works have attracted public attention even before their first broadcasts due to the actors’ appearance and unconventional settings, attention is also being paid to the early performance of these dramas. 

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Seo Ye-ji’s return with “Eve,” Stagnant + Excessive Setting

“Eve”, which drew a lot of attention as “Seo Ye-ji‘s Return,” began its 1st episode on Jun 1st. “Eve” tells the story of a woman who designed a 13-year plan to avenge her father, who was falsely accused of being an industrial spy. From the first episode, the drama attracted attention with its unconventional love scenes and provocative scenes in which a hound killed a human being.


“Eve” is Seo Ye-ji’s first return work to the public after she caused controversy over gaslighting her past lover Kim Jung-hyun. It received a rating of “19-rated” for its provocative settings such as authentic theater tone-like lines, revealing bed scenes, and intense triggering scenes. Seo Ye-ji was attractive as a “Femme Fatale,” but their opinion towards her are heavily divided due to the excessive setting and sensational scenes that are difficult to sympathize with.


In the first episode, the drama recorded an average of 3.6% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid households) and a highest ranking of 4.4%, both ranking first in the same time slot. Since then, it has been slowing down, falling slightly to 3.0% on average in the third and fourth episodes. Although the drama is drawing attention as an unconventional “19-rated” drama, there are concerns that only the image of “Femme Fatale” by Seo Ye-ji will remain rather than the drama’s story.

So Ji-seop’s revenge drama, who is back after 4 years with “Doctor Lawyer”

“Doctor Lawyer”, which announced a fresh combination of medical and legal dramas, was also broadcast for the first time on Jun 3rd. Han Yi-han (played by So Ji-seop), a genius surgeon whose everything was taken away by a manipulated operation, returned as a lawyer specializing in medical litigation and preparing for his revenge with Geum Seok-young (played by Lim Soo-hyang), a prosecutor in charge of medical crimes.

doctor lawyer

In the first episode, medical jargon, such as valve leaflet (the part of the heart valve that can open and close), paracellular leak (leak around the transplanted valve), etc., appeared frequently, making it hard for normal viewers to watch. Of course, the production team tried to raise the level of consensus by bringing real-life issues, such as the “ghost surgery” in which the surgeon got replaced, and violations of the Medical Service Act, such as removing the patient’s heart without consent to transplant. 

Doctor Lawyer

Attention was also focused on So Ji-sub, who returned to the small screen for the first time in 4 years through “Doctor Lawyer”. Making a comeback for the first time after the 2018 drama “My Secret Terrius”, he showed a somewhat dignified appearance. The viewers are raising curiosity about whether “Doctor Lawyer”, which started smoothly with an average nationwide rating of 5.2%, will capture So Ji-sub’s intense medical-legal revenge in the remaining episodes.

“Why Her” Seo Hyun-jin is receiving favorable reviews for her cool transformation.

“Why Her”, which centers around Oh Soo-jae (played by Seo Hyun-jin), a high school graduate lawyer who pursues success, Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop), a law school student who tries to protect Oh Soo-jae, has unveiled 3 episodes. In the first and second episodes, Oh Soo-jae, who was ignored as a high school graduate lawyer but became the first female representative lawyer at TK law firm with her excellent skills, was forced to become an adjunct professor at Seojung University. 

Seo Hyun-jin

“Master of Rom-coms” Seo Hyun-jin stood out with her transformation into a cool image in “Why Her”. Seo Hyun-jin, who has been well-received for her realistic romantic comedies, such as “Another Miss Oh”, “Temperature of Love”, “Beauty Inside”, and “You Are My Spring”, made a breakthrough from her soft and empathetic characters in her previous work to become Oh Soo-jae who pursues success enthusiastically in the new drama. She received many compliments for her charismatic appearance and cool lines in the scene where Oh Soo-jae confronts her senior lawyers.

Seo Hyun-jin

“Why Her” is the only drama among the three mentioned here that witnessed an increase in rating in the second episode. Exceeding the average number of 6.0% in episode one, the drama rose to 6.5% in episode 2 and recorded a real-time peak of 9.3%. According to Good Data Corporation, “Why Her” ranked No.2 in the Drama TV Hot Topic Chart while Seo Hyun-jin also topped the Popularity Chart for Drama TV Casts in the first week of June. 

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