Seolhyun flaunts goddess-like beauty with perfect face and figure 

AOA member and actress Seolhyun has shown off her innocent beauty in recently published photos.

On April 1st, Seolhyun posted several photos taken in Seongsu-dong on her Instagram. Along with the photos, she also tagged a friend and wrote, “Thanks to you, I had a great time hanging out.”


In the photos, Seolhyun can be seen wearing a mini skirt and a cute cardigan, making for a lovely look. A photo also shows the idol-actress looking back with a bright smile.

On top of this, Seolhyun captivates attention with her slender figure and perfect face. She also exudes a warm atmosphere that suits the spring season.

On the other hand, Seolhyun has ended her exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment. She recently starred in the Genie TV original drama “Summer Strike”.

Source: Nate

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