Young Koreans express their thoughts on malicious comments on social networks

Many young people believe that this issue requires a solution.

In Korea, cyberbullying has become a concern. Negative comments may be harmful to many Internet users, particularly artists. Asian Boss, a YouTube channel, interviewed some Koreans on the issue.

The malicious comments, according to young Koreans, have extended to all online sites. It is no longer restricted to social media but has become a pervasive phenomenon that can be seen all over the internet.

The situation is so terrible that some of the interviewees come up with their own solutions to solve the problem. They admit that internet haters are an issue that has to be handled as soon as possible. Not only do the hidden persons spread rumors, but so do close friends.

“If I’m the one who created the social network, I need to make it very clear that it’s only accessible to those who have an identity. That, I believe, is all I can do to keep things from getting worse.”

“It’s a hot issue in Korea. We don’t openly debate an issue.”

“I love reading books, and when I write random things about it online, people will react like, ‘Looks like you have to try to look cool?’, etc. Even if they’re close friends of mine. me, they still write such malicious comments.”

Young Koreans express their thoughts on malicious comments on social networks

One of the reasons why cyberbullying is getting more serious is because the Korean educational system emphasizes working independently for good results rather than teamwork skills and community connection. Many Koreans agree with this and believe that the country needs measures to address the issue in the future.


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