Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend Lee Sun Bin reacts to articles about her dispute with former agency

On January 4th, Lee Sun Bin posted on her Instagram a screenshot of an article with the title, “Lee Sun Bin, controversy over false testimony in court”, reported by a media outlet earlier on the same day. 

The actress commented, “What’s going on at this dawn? If I gave false testimony in court, I should have been punished. Controversy…? Isn’t that you who want to make controversy?”

lee sun bin

She added, “Being delisted because of me? That’s all that I said? I would appreciate it so much if you could find out more about that company and my case before writing articles”.

In addition, Lee Sun Bin uploaded another screenshot of an article in the past that said her former agency (Imagine Asia) was delisted in 2019 due to the embezzlement of executives. She explained, “This is the reason it was delisted”.

lee sun bin

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Lee Sun Bin made a false statement to the prosecution 4 years ago in connection with the case in which the CEO of a famous entertainment agency was inducted on charges of blackmailing. According to the report, Lee Sun Bin reversed the statement she made 4 years ago at a hearing in June last year, saying “I heard it would be disadvantageous for me to tell the truth (so I made a false statement)”. 

The media raised controversy that Lee Sun Bin’s false testimony had a decisive influence on the rulings in the past, and that led to the agency being delisted. 

lee sun bin

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Bin made her debut in 2016 and has appeared in various dramas and movies, such as “Squad 38”, “Criminal Minds”, “Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation”, “Work Later, Drink Now”, “Mission: Possible”, “Air Murder”, etc.

She publicized her romantic relationship with actor Lee Kwang Soo in 2018.

Source: wikitree

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