“My Liberation Notes” Kim Ji-won is still waiting for Son Seok-gu, who has left her… Will the ‘worship’ couple reunite?

Will Kim Ji-won and Son Seok-gu reunite?

On May 21st, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” (scripted by Park Hae-young/ directed by Kim Seok-yoon) released new still cuts of Yeom Mi-jung (Kim Ji-won) and Mr. Goo (Son Seok-gu) showing the same gaze in the same place but at different times.

My Liberation Notes

The last broadcast ended with Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo’s sad breakup. Mr. Goo returned to his original position, where he used to be with his boss and members of the organization, and Yeom Mi-jung lost contact with him. Mr. Goo was seen with an empty look again but Yeom Mi-jung showed a different appearance. Unlike when she wanted everyone who left her to be unhappy in the past, Yeom Mi-jung now wishes all the best for Mr. Goo. She walked along the street she used to be accompanied by Mr. Goo and prayed for his happiness till the end.

My Liberation Notes

Meanwhile, the released photo on this day showed the ‘worship’ couple continuing their daily life after breaking up. The two, who are now alone, live with an empty space in their hearts. Yeom Mi-jung suddenly looks back while walking on the street, while Mr. Goo, who is sitting in a bar, is lost in thoughts seemingly about Yeom Mi-jung. In addition, the appearances of the two captured in the same place but at different times leave a deep lingering feeling in the viewers. Looking at the sunset outside the train, Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo show similar gazes. Will they be able to meet each other again? Fans of the drama are looking forward to seeing their future developments.

My Liberation Notes

In the 13th episode of “My Liberation Notes” to be broadcast on May 21st, Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo will be seen missing each other even after time passed. In the new teaser video released earlier, Yeom Mi-jung resents Mr. Goo for running away because he was afraid of being happy, but expresses her sadness with all her heart in just a short line “Come for me”. The appearance of Yeom Mi-jung standing in the reed field where they shared a deep kiss along with the voice of Mr. Goo calling Yeom Mi-jung stimulated the viewers’ curiosity. On the other hand, Yeom Mi-jung, who is about to undergo an evaluation to become a full-time employee, challenges an in-house competition and experiences unexpected events. The new episode will air at 10:30 p.m on May 21st.

My Liberation Notes

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