K-pop Professor Analyzes Jisoo’s Successful Solo Debut and the Significance of BLACKPINK in K-pop’s Global Success

Choi Kwang Ho, a well-known K-pop professor and the Secretary-General of KCMA, recently released a video discussing BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo debut. 

In the video, he analyzed the impressive sales and streams of Jisoo’s recent solo debut and highlighted the significance of BLACKPINK as the driving force behind K-pop’s worldwide success.

Choi Kwang Ho started by sharing his analysis of Jisoo’s solo debut, stating that Jisoo achieved success both domestically and internationally. 

Jisoo’s success is a testament to her talent and hard work, and Choi Kwang Ho’s analysis further highlights her accomplishments. Jisoo’s success in the K-pop scene is a result of her optimal star power and YG’s unique planning abilities. Her music is tailored for social media platforms, and YG may have targeted that from the planning stage.


In the latter part of the video, Choi Kwang Ho highlighted BLACKPINK as the driving force behind K-pop’s global success. He emphasized how BLACKPINK’s success has contributed to the overall popularity of K-pop on a global scale.


He added that there have been talks about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal this year, but deep down, many of us want to continue seeing the synergy that BLACKPINK and YG have shown for a long time.

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