BTS Ji Min on Beckham’s Instagram? Paris is “turned upside down” by the meeting of world stars

Ji Min of BTS proves how he is truly a “world-class superstar” after he appeared on footballer David Beckham’s Instagram.

David Beckham and BTS Ji Min recently attended the 2023-2024 Paris Fashion Week Dior Fashion Show in Paris, France. As both stars sit at the front row, they even chat while watching the fashion show together.

bts jimin

David Beckham later took a commemorative photo with his son Cruz Beckham and Ji Min and posted it on his social media account.

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Dior also uploaded a photo of its global ambassador Ji Min after the show.

bts jimin

Overall, Ji Min appeared at the event in a beige-tone suit and modern boot-style shoes, creating a look of modern elegance.

It is rumored that Ji Min’s every move in Paris to attend the Dior show is a hot topic for even the local media. Local insiders even claimed that “he turned Paris upside down.

Meanwhile, Ji Min drew a lot of attention by participating in Tae Yang’s digital single “VIBE” released on Jan 13th.

Source: Sports Chosun

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