Dior praises BTS’s Jimin after selecting him as their newest global ambassador, “He leads the fashion trend” 

BTS’s Jimin has been chosen as the global ambassador for French luxury fashion brand Dior.

On January 17th, Dior said, Jimin, a member of BTS, is a 21st century pop icon. He’s an artist who shines in various fields such as dancing, singing, and composing.”

bts jimin dior

On this day, Jimin’s pictorial for Dior was also released. Wearing the 2023 summer collection, Jimin boasted a modern and classic sensibility. He pulled off Dior’s unique style.

Jimin’s gorgeous visuals also stood out. His fair and flawless skin, facial expressions that combined softness and intensity, completely stun. 

bts jimin dior
BTS Jimin Dior

Dior officials expressed their satisfaction with the decision to choose Jimin as the next global ambassador. Dior said, “Jimin is leading the global trend. He is an artist who draws attention for his every move. He is already becoming a hot topic.” 

Dior added, “Kim Jones has been preparing stage costumes for BTS since 2019. Through this partnership, Dior’s relationship with Jimin will be further strengthened.”

bts jimin dior

Meanwhile, on January 13th, Jimin released ‘VIBE’ with Taeyang. The song went straight to the top of YouTube World Wide Trends. It also dominated the top of the domestic music charts.

Source: Dispatch. 

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