Jimin (BTS) and Taeyang (BIGBANG): A fan-idol relationship develops into a “historic collaboration” of K-pop 

Their relationship before this collaboration is filled with interesting stories. 

On the noon of January 4th, Jimin and Taeyang released a teaser image of a collaboration for a song called “Vibe” that is set to drop on January 13th. This collaboration between top boy groups is gaining major attention and promises to be an “explosive” release. 

Taeyang Jimin
The collaboration between Taeyang and Jimin sent the public into a frenzy 

Jimin has expressed his strong affection for Taeyang many times prior to this collaboration. The BTS member is a hardcore fan of Taeyang who knows all of his idol’s songs.

During his early days of debut, Jimin always chose Taeyang to be an artist he respected and admired. He was also said to have gone to BIGBANG concerts in multiple occasions to show his support. 

Jimin Taeyang
Jimin chose Taeyang as the artist he resepected and admired 
Jimin Bigbang concert
Jimin frequented BIGBANG concerts 

He also did song covers of Taeyang’s famous tracks, such as “Wedding Dress” or “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and performed Taeyang’s well-known choreography. He even dressed up as Taeyang in one of his participations on a TV program. 

Jimin cover Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”…
… and performed the “Ringa Linga” dance routine 
He dressed up as Taeyang 

It is every fan’s dreams come true when they are able to work and get closer to their idols. Jimin is no exception. Instead of covering another Taeyang’s song, he can duet and perform on the same stage with his idol. 

Jimin’s dream is realized in this collaboration 

Taeyang’s close relationship with BTS 

Prior to this collaboration, Taeyang has already maintained a close relationhip with other BTS members. He was seen taking pictures with RM and attended private pre-released listening party of J-Hope’s solo song. Therefore, perhaps Taeyang knowing Jimin and their subsequent collaboration is a fruit of this intimate relationship between the singer and BTS. 

RM Taeyang
Taeyang has a close relationship with RM 
J-hope Taeyang
… and J-Hope

Source: k14

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