BLACKPINK Rosé’s 4 neat and elegant hairstyles that you can refer to 

Rosé, a member of BLACKPINK, is not only stylish and elegant in her outfits, but also in her hairstyles. 

One of BLACKPINK Rosé’s signatures is her long, platinum blonde hair. Nevertheless, without changing her hair color, Rosé still has many ways to keep her appearance from becoming repetitive. Below are 4 suggestions of neat and elegant hairstyles that have been excellently utilized by Rosé:

Half updo


The half updo is a style that Rosé often applies, as this hairstyle brings sophistication and grace to her look. A half updo is not only suitable for formal outfits, but also blends well with everyday outfits. Initially, this hairstyle may not be easy to do, but Rosé has a secret to excel in it. Specifically, Rosé usually leaves thin strands of hair on both sides. This enhances her graceful facial features and adds a youthful and modern touch to her appearance.


Rosé effortlessly switches between low and high ponytails. For a dynamic and fresh look, a high ponytail is the perfect choice. A low ponytail is more gentle and elegant, which can make people look a lot younger. To achieve a great ponytail look, fluff the hair on top of your head and leave two thin strands of hair in front of your forehead. This is a small trick to “hack” your age when applying a low ponytail. 


In addition, when wearing a ponytail, Rosé often dons minimalist outfits with neutral tones. This enhances her overall elegance.


Buns have always been loved by women for creating a neat and refreshing appearance, and Rosé is no exception. The bun hairstyle helps Rosé complete a sophisticated and graceful look. Sometimes, she looks free-spirited and trendy with this hairstyle as well.


Rosé’s preferred bun hairstyle often includes letting loose certain strands of hair. This styling method is trendy and adds elegance while effectively framing her face. In the summer, a neat and refreshing bun hairstyle is a choice that would help with the heat, while at the same time highlight one’s features. 

Braided Hair

In the past, braided hair made many people hesitant as it could make them look “cheesy.” However, this hairstyle has become a trend this summer, and Rosé also frequently applies braided hair. 


When sporting feminine braided hairstyles, Rosé gives off a gentle and ethereal touch. To successfully “conquer” the braided hair trend, it is important not to “overdo” your hair and allow a little bit of messiness. This way, your appearance will be youthful and modern without appearing “cheesy” or old-fashioned.

Source: k14

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