Jeon Ji Hyun was once asked by the director not to dress up: “Being too pretty is the problem” 

Jeon Ji Hyun’s overwhelming beauty was once considered a “problem”. 

Since the beginning of her debut, Jeon Ji Hyun has drawn attention with her tall height and strikingly beautiful appearance. She consistently showed off her beauty in various movies, dramas, CFs and pictorials.

jun ji hyun

However, Jeon Ji Hyun made a new attempt by appearing bare-faced in a movie.

The director of the movie “Assassination” said at the time, “The actress being too pretty can also be a problem. Since she plays an independent soldier, she can’t wear make-up or dress up. She should just tie your hair tightly.”

jun ji hyun

Since then, Jeon Ji Hyun has been making several attempts to show her transformation from her lively and cheerful image and acting in her 20s.

She showed off her unique presence by starring in a special episode of Netflix’s original drama “Kingdom”, and tried to transform herself by playing a national park ranger in tvN’s “Jirisan”.

Jun Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun said that she has been steadily managing her acting skills by developing physical strength.

Jeon Ji Hyun said, “Actually, it’s not easy. I want to lie down every day and I don’t want to move. Going to the filming site also requires physical strength, but I move my body with passion for the work. It is not a big boast that an actor takes care of their body. I think it is the basis of an actor to manage themselves steadily. I think I can do action even if I am over 60 and 70. There are no limits.”

Source: Daum. 

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