BTS V, 2022 Global Choice 100 “Triple Crown”

BTS V achieved a triple crown at “The Global Choice 100”, proving the popularity of “Global It Boy”.

“The Global Choice 100”, which honors and awards the achievements of the most notable figures in fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, etc. worldwide, announced the 2022 global ranking on Jan 16th.

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V topped all categories including Global Fashion Icon Of The Year, Global Face Of The Year and Global Artist Of The Year, which were selected from Jan 1st, 2022 to Dec 5th, 2022.

“The Global Choice 100” revealed the reason why V won “Global Fashion Icon Of The Year”, “As for V, crowds cheered as he appeared on CELINE’s Paris fashion show last June 22nd. V was present by personal invitation from Hedi Slimane, a world-famous designer. His guest appearance at the said fashion week made the crowds go wilder.

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They added, “The October issue of Vogue Korea made history, as V’s cover for the issue had the highest sales index ever recorded. The sales exceeded the 1 million mark just on the first day of pre-order. It is undeniable that V deserves the 2022 Global Face Of The Year. Not only is he a K-pop superstar but also a global phenomenon.

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Regarding “Global Artist Of The Year”, they said, “V’s Christmas Tree and Sweet Night on Spotify gain over 400 million streams, and he has 3.3 million listeners on the platform. The fact that V won the title of ‘Global Artist Of The Year’ in 2022 is evidence of his artistic ability and commitment, as well as of the close relationship he has built with his audience. His outstanding vocal and dancing abilities continue to excite and enthrall audiences, and he has established himself as a flexible and multi-talented artist and performer. V has proven that he is engraving his name in the industry, making him a global popular sensation.

Meanwhile, V’s fanbase “V UNION” celebrated V’s “The Global Choice 100” triple crown achievement by donating to the “Open Arms” fund, a non-profit organization that takes the lead in protecting vulnerable people in emergency situations.

Source: Daum

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