Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min’s kiss: “Even the director is amazed”; Hwang Min-hyun to Shin Seung-ho: “Bromance makes my heart flutter more”

The behind-the-scenes stories of “Alchemy of Souls” has been revealed.

In tvN’s special broadcast “Alchemy of Souls,” which aired on August 14th, the chemistry in “Alchemy of Souls” portrayed by Yoo Jun-sang (playing Park Jin), Oh Na-ra (playing Kim Do-ju), Hwang Min-hyun (playing Seo Yul), Shin Seung-ho (playing Go Won), Yoo In-soo (playing Park Dang-gu), and Arin (playing Jin Cho-yeon) were revealed.


On this day, a chemistry match happened between Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook), Seo Yul (Hwang Min-hyun), and Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) surrounding Mu-deok (Jung So-min).

First of all, regarding the chemistry between Jang Wook and Mu-deok, Oh Na-ra said, “Don’t your heart flutter when Wook suddenly called Mu-deok by her name when he has been calling her ‘teacher’? Women have that kind of logic,” she said. Hwang Min-hyun said about the kiss scene between Jang Wook and Mu-deok, “The director praised Jae-wook for his kiss scene.” Hwang Min-hyun then chose the scene “I realized right at first sight. That you are my teacher” as his favorite scene.


Lee Jae-wook said his most memorable scene among the scenes with Jang Wook and Mu-deok was “The scene where I went down to Danhyang Valley and talked about chaste tea,” and explained, “I think we have shown a lot of ourselves after meeting teacher Lee.” Jung So-min said, “I remember the scene ‘You are still alive, my student’ after feeding the poison,” adding, “It’s the matchpoint where our respective narratives start strongly, and it’s a scene that I personally like because it shows how we run toward each other’s goals.”

Lee Jae-wook cited Jang Wook and Mu-deok’s “teacher-student chemistry” which is even better than “lover chemistry,” and said, “I think viewers would have enjoyed it more because there seem to be a lot of tikitaka between Jang Wook and Mu-deok.”


Regarding the “secret to have the love of all 3 men for yourself,” Jung So-min said, “The one with Wook is a relationship in which emotions are created after forming a teacher-student relationship for each other’s purpose. With Yul, another relationship takes place from there because there is already a narrative that they have built up in the past. The crown prince seems to be curious of her because of his tiki-taka with the honest and outspoken nature Nak-su that is currently inside Mu-deok’s body.”

Regarding the charm of Mu-deok, Jung So-min then said, “I pretend to be a servant, but I always say what I have to say and have a strong independent tendency.”


The bromance chemistry in “Alchemy of Souls” also drew attention. One of them is the mysterious attraction between Jang Wook and the Crown Prince, who share the Yin and Yang Jewel. Oh Na-ra said, “Writer, what do you mean by this? I’m really curious,” she said with a laugh. Arin confessed, “I was so surprised because the OST song suddenly played at that part.”


Regarding the “Broken Couple,” Lee Jae-wook said, “I gave them 98 out of 100. Aren’t they interesting?” he said with joy. Shin Seung-ho grumbled, “I just want them to leave me out,” but Hwang Min-hyun said, “Many people like the Crown Prince’s chemistry with Wook. I personally like it, too,” he said on behalf of the viewers, “Please make the bromance scene even more heart-fluttering in the future.”

Source: Daum

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