IVE is labeled the most controversial rookie girl group within a month of debut and here’s why

Despite being an outstanding rookie, IVE cannot avoid drawing mixed reactions due to controversies.

IVE is Starship’s 6-member girl group with the lineup featuring 2 former IZ*ONE members, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin. Within the first month of their debut, IVE has set many remarkable records such as becoming the fastest girl group to get a music show win in K-Pop history, selling more than 150,000 copies for their first single album in the first week. The group’s debut song ELEVEN also became viral on several social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok….

However, along with those successes, monster rookie IVE also gets involved in the following controversies.

Inappropriate outfits 

One of the first controversies that IVE encountered since debut was about leader Ahn Yujins inappropriate outfit. The seemingly normal, tight-fitting black t-shirt drew criticism for being coordinated with a blue bra on the outside.

IVE’s controversies
IVE on stage Show! Music Core

In fact, wearing bras on the outside is not uncommon. But because Yujin’s bra is no different from ordinary underwear, making the overall outfit look weird. Not to mention, Yujin is a minor. Her age is completely inappropriate for these kinds of outfits.

IVE’s controversies
Yujin wore bra on the outside and caused controversy
IVE’s controversies
Starship stylist came under fire for dressing Yujin inappropriately 

Jang Wonyoung was called out for not dancing properly 

Former IZ*ONE members continue to be the center of IVE’s controversies, from Yujin to Jang Wonyoung. On IVE’s debut stages, Wonyoung came under controversy over her superficial dancing and lack of energy compared to other members

Specifically, when performing ELEVEN for the first time on Music Bank, Wonyoung did not… enthusiastically flip her hair like other members. This raises the suspicion whether she caught the “celebrity disease” and was not willing to flip her hair properly for fear of having her hair messed up. 

IVE’s controversies
Wonyoung did not flip her hair to… remain pretty?
IVE’s controversies
IVE’s controversies
In another part of the choreography, she also did the dance moves slower than other members 

Mocking Desi culture

Drama continued to surround IVE when Starship posted a behind-the-scenes video of ELEVEN MV. Once again, leader Yujin and Jang Wonyoung were the ones caught up in the controversy. Besides, the only Japanese member, Rei, also got criticized. 

Specifically, international netizens were angry and dissatisfied because 3 IVE group members’ head moves in the video were considered mocking the traditional Indian dance. However, international fans were only asking IVE to learn from their mistakes and not do the same thing in the future.

IVE’s controversies
Yujin joking around with Rei
IVE’s controversies
After that, Jang Wonyoung also started to follow

Constantly avoiding singing live by calling fans’ names

As one of the most anticipated girl groups in Gen 4, perhaps IVE also carries a lot of pressure and is afraid of criticism.  That invisible fear was clearly shown through the encore stages of the Starship girl group.

Every time they win a trophy, IVE has to sing live.  But the song ELEVEN has a lot of high notes and if the group does not handle it well, they will be easily criticized by the audience.  Because of that, Rei often intentionally avoids high notes by… calling fans’ names, or doing something like… crying, just to get through her part.

After many times, netizens started to get fed up with the group.  Many people started calling IVE a ruse girlgroup and Rei a sly member just because of this trick.

IVE to become “Jang Wonyoung and friends” group

When everyone thought that there would be no more controversy related to IVE’s debut, Jang Wonyoung continued to get into trouble.  Specifically, at the music festival KBS Song Festival 2021 held on December 17, the audience was shocked by Starship’s obvious bias towards Wonyoung.

Despite the fact that the general concept of the ceremony was white, and the fact that the rest of IVE members were all dressed in white, the Starship stylist still gave Wonyoung an outstanding black outfit.  Netizens have to say that IVE is the group of “Jang Wonyoung and friends”.

IVE’s controversies
Wonyoung wore a black dress while her bandmates were all dressed in white
IVE’s controversies
Thus, Wonyoung stood out from the group

It was revealed that Wonyoung was given that dress because she also took the role of a behind-the-scenes MC. However, her ELEVEN performance outfit continued to attract criticism from netizens. The reason was simple: while everyone else was wearing short shorts, Wonyoung was given a flowing skirt that made her look like a princess.

IVE’s controversies
Wonyoung’s outfit is different from her teammates’
IVE’s controversies
She took all the spotlight on stage thanks to the princess-like outfit

Did not bow to seniors

At the Show stage!  Music Core on December 18, IVE continued to lose sympathy from netizens due to their disrespectful attitude.  Specifically, the group did not bow to a series of seniors before singing the encore.

Except for former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju, the other 2 MCs of that day, Jaemin (NCT) and Lee Know (STRAYKIDS) were seniors compared to IVE.  However, when they politely bowed to the group before entering the backstage, all 6 members of IVE were indifferent and did not respond to them. 

Even when Kim Minju approached behind and beckoned Wonyoung and Yujin, the two girls turned back and hugged their old teammate. Agree that it’s difficult for a rookie like IVE to avoid all behavioral mistakes, but Wonyoung and Yujin are both experienced idols; don’t they know this basic rule?

IVE’s controversies
IVE ignored Jaemin (NCT) and Lee Know (STRAYKIDS), only bowed to Kim Minju

There are a lot of groups that become famous right after their debut, but rookies that are both as famous and scandalous as IVE are certainly rare.

IVE’s controversies

IVE is highly expected to become the leading girl group of the new generation, any mistake could become a stumbling block in the group’s career.  Hopefully IVE can maintain its long-term attraction, and no longer be entangled in unnecessary controversies.

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