Why do netizens have different reactions to BLACKPINK and IVE’s Yujin wearing bras on the outside?

Controversy erupted when IVE’s Yujin wore a bra over her outfit on stage – something that BLACKPINK members already did way earlier. 

Netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with the questionable outfit of IVE’s leader Yujin on MBC’s Show! Music Core last weekend. The rookie girl group’s stylist and Starship Entertainment have come under controversy for dressing Yujin in an inappropriate outfit that looks like she wore a bra on the outside. 

IVE’s Yujin wearing bras on the outside
Netizens are dissatisfied with the outfit of IVE’s Yujin 

However, this is not the first time a female idol turned a bra into a performance outfit. In fact, this unique styling was already done by IVE’s senior groups, but it did not face criticism before. Why so?

First and foremost, Ahn Yujin is only 18 years old this year. In Korea, a young star or idol should not wear revealing or provocative clothing. Therefore, it was difficult for her to avoid criticism, whether the blue top she wore was a bra or just an item that looked like underwear.

Second: The bra Ahn Yujin wears looks a lot like underwear – something that should be placed inside the outfit. The material, the product’s gloss, and the strap are all identical to regular underwear. Furthermore, the stylist’s coordination of the clothes is clumsy and unattractive. The two unnecessary and heavy belts do not go well with the offensive bra above.

Why aren’t other celebrities being attacked for following this trend? Usually, stylists of big groups – typically BLACKPINK – are very careful when following the bra trend. To avoid creating offensive feelings, the stylist will choose materials and color schemes to make the overall outfit look the most eye-catching.

IVE’s Yujin wearing bras on the outside
Meanwhile, ITZY Ryujin wears a bra stylized as a bow.  The ruffles around the bra effectively cover the hem and shape of the bra
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