JYJ’s former member Park Yoo-chun is involved in a court battle again and might be charged 600 million won in compensation

It is said that Park Yoo-chun might have to pay a compensation of 600 million won to his old manager.

Park Yoo-chun

The dispute between singer-actor Park Yoo-chun and his former manager has become a legal battle.

On December 23rd, YTN Star reported that CEO of Recielo – A submitted a civil lawsuit to the court claiming damages worth about 600 million won against Park Yoo-chun.

Park Yoo-chun

A was a manager who had been with Park Yoo-chun since he was active as a member of boygroup JYJ. After Park Yoo-chun turned to promote his solo career, A established Recielo and had been taking care of Park Yoo-chun’s solo activities. Then, in August, Park Yoo-chun revealed the conflict between him and Recielo, claiming that he had not received a proper settlement from the company.

However, Recielo refuted the accusation, revealing that the company exceeded annual sales of 1 billion won and all profits had been settled properly. They also claimed that Park Yoo-chun violated his exclusive contract and signed a dual contract with a Japanese agency. It was also revealed that Park Yoo-chun used the company’s card to cover his personal entertainment and living expenses as well as presented luxury bags to the girlfriend who lived with him.

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