Even with this visual-studded male cast, the ratings of “Sh**ting Stars” are still in a crisis 

Featuring handsome and well-loved actors, yet “Sh**ting Stars” experience low ratings. 

Not only starring the visual duo Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung as leads, tvN’s new rom-com “Sh**ting Stars” about the entertainment industry, also has the appearance of many other good-looking actors in supporting and cameo roles, drawing keen attention. However, having such a charming cast still fails to help “Sh**ting Stars” exceed viewership ratings of 2%. 

Shooting Stars

The main cast

Kim Young Dae

The male lead of “Sh**ting Stars” is Kim Young Dae. He plays top star actor Gong Tae Sung. After taking on the role of rich kid Ju Seok Hoon in the hit “Penthouse”, Kim Young Dae quickly became a fan favorite among rising K-drama rising actors thanks to his handsome face, impressive height, and manly charm. Although Kim Young Dae’s acting in “Sh**ting Stars” is said to have improved, some viewers still claim he is not yet capable enough of leading a drama. 

CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin

In “Sh**ting Stars”, Lee Jung Shin plays the second male lead Do Soo Hyuk, a lawyer who has special feelings for Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung). Not at all overshadowed by the male lead, Lee Jung Shin also boasts an outstanding height of 1.88m and a dashing appearance.

Yoon Jong Hoon

Like Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jong Hoon also gained great popularity after his role as Ha Yoon Cheol in “Penthouse”. In “Sh**ting Stars”, he transforms into Kang Yong Hoon, a kind, friendly manager with good looks, so he is often mistaken for a celebrity. Yoon Jong Hoon has continued to show off his natural acting and good chemistry with his co-stars in this small-screen comeback.

Special appearances

Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo had a special appearance in episode 3 of “Sh**ting Stars”. Playing sentimental actor Ahn Joon Ho, Lee Ki Woo delivered both funny and touching scenes about the lives of actors behind the camera. 


Lee Sang Woo

Making a special appearance in episode 4 is Lee Sang Woo. He plays Han Seung Il, an actor who looks polite but is very fastidious and notices even the tiniest things. Lee Sang Woo’s cameo role in “Sh**ting Stars” marks his first acting gig in 2022.


Chae Jong Hyeop

Besides leading the ongoing drama “Love All Play”, Chae Jong Hyeop also had a cameo appearance in “Sh**ting Stars” as actor Ham Yoo Jin, who has a heart-fluttering gummy smile and likes to “flirt” with female reporters.


Uhm Ki Joon

As soon as Uhm Ki Joon was confirmed to have a special appearance in “Sh**ting Stars”, viewers couldn’t get any more excited because this would be the reunion of the “Penthouse” cast and especially the father and son duo Lee Young Dae and Uhm Ki Joon. Currently, information about Uhm Ki Joon’s character is yet to be revealed, piquing great curiosity. 

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