Fans sob at aespa Karina’s confession about her hard time during debut days, “I was very discouraged”

Fans got emotional hearing a confession made by Karina (Yoo Ji Min), a member of aespa, in a recent interview.

On May 5th, Japanese broadcaster Abema TV released a behind-the-scenes video of aespa’s first solo concert tour “SYNK: HYPER LINE”.

When asked, “What is the charm of aespa?”, during an interview with the production team, Karina replied, “Our confidence? We are not afraid of going anywhere”.


Recalling aespa’s debut, she confessed with a slightly trembling voice, saying “Honestly, I was very discouraged when we made our debut, but I never felt nervous and trembled on stage. I think that’s how we touched the hearts of fans.”

In response to Karina’s confession, netizens commented, “She must have had a hard time during her debut days”, “Those who made rumors about her were crazy”, “I’m angry thinking about that time”, “I read the articles at that time and I knew she would have a hard time but I didn’t know it affected her this bad”, “This is so heartbreaking. I’m really frustrated”, “How hard it must have been for her”, “I hope aespa receive more love and be more successful”, etc.


Born in 2000, Karina debuted as a member of the four-member group aespa in November 2020 at the age of 20. aespa drew keen attention as it was the first girl group that SM Entertainment introduced six years after Red Velvet’s debut. 

However, the public had an unfavorable gaze towards the girls due to fake news and rumors that spread from online communities. In particular, groundless rumors about Karina’s past were raised and aroused public criticism.

In such a confusing situation, the ones who took action first were none other than Karina’s real classmates. They went on to refute the controversies and suspicions surrounding Karina’s personality one by one with evidence to prove that they were all fake news. Trainees who trained with Karina before at SM also left messages defending her.


Thanks to the sincere support of various people, public criticism towards Karina gradually disappeared. Overcoming that hard time, aespa established their name as a leading 4th-generation K-pop girl group after releasing various hit songs, such as “Next Level”, “Savage”, and “Girls”.

aespa will make their comeback with the release of their third mini album “MY WORLD” and repay fans’ love. Set to be released on May 8th, “MY WORLD” consists of 6 songs in total, including the title track “Spicy”. 

Source: Wikitree

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