Brave Girls Minyoung asked for help after her rescue dog got lost, “Please help”

Minyoung, a member of the girl group Brave Girls, is looking for her adopted dog.

On November 8th, Minyoung revealed that she had lost her dog, saying, “Please, please, help.”

She also added, “While taking a walk near Jagok Intersection in Gangnam-gu, my dog was startled by the sound of a passing car and suddenly ran away and missed the leash. She’s a mixed dog, cream color, 6 kg.”

Brave Girls Minyoung

The female idol also posted a photo of her dog along with the caption, “She was wearing the outfit in the photo and wearing a leash. If anyone has her or spotted her somewhere, please contact me.”

Back in August, Minyoung adopted a dog who was rescued from a shelter. At the time, she said, “She was pregnant, but all her babies were stillborn, possibly due to the poor environment of the shelter. She also has scars on the neck and head after being bit by another dog. In the future, she will be loved and live happily.”


Source: nate

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