A photo “predicts” IZONE’s fate after two years

The group is currently very successful, but many say they will soon be forgotten as former members of I.O.I.

IZONE was formed from Produce 48. In the first week, the group sold more than 80,000 albums and won trophies on music shows. IZONE’s success is understandable because the groups that came from survival show have a steady number of fans. However, many commented that IZONE’s “fame” could only last for more than two years, after which the group would easily be forgotten as the former IOI members.

Do Yeon watched IZONE winning on music show.

During a music show, IZONE was extremely happy to win the trophy. Do Yeon (Weki Meki) was standing behind and applauding, but she had a rather ‘bitter’ expression that attracted many people. Two years ago, I.O.I was a “monster” rookie, constantly winning on music shows. The group was predicted to be a rival of Twice before the disbandment. After they were separated and had their own activities, it is hard for them to find the “glory” as before and this also predicted the future of the girls in IZONE.

Many commented, “Do Yeon was very successful two years ago and now she’s standing behind IZONE”, “Two years later, IZONE’s future will be like that”, “Looks pretty bitter”, “Now they’re popular but next year there will be more and more new groups, and they will soon be forgotten”, “Looking at Do Yeon and see the future of IZONE when they disband, it is difficult to maintain the success.” …

IZONE succeeded quickly but the group’s contract is only over two years.

After the end of the contract, IOI members all went back to their management company, and debuted in their own group. So far, no group has ever really succeeded. Weki Meki are still struggling, but failed to win the trophy and the song did not even make it to the top of Melon. Gugudan also falls into the same situation. Although Se Jeong is very popular, the group is still “missing” on the chart. They have not won any cup in this promotion. Even, the members also confessed that the group is having trouble, and they had to watch the ads themselves to get more votes. Gugudan is hardworking but they still cannot achieve anything. Pristin is noted for having Kyul Kyung, Na Young, and Xi Yeon but they are now “on hiatus” due to the poor management of Pledis. Kyul Kyung has returned to China and had her own schedules. There are many rumors that she will leave the group.

In front of IZONE, Wanna One is an extremely successful boygroup, but they are also facing the risk of disbanding after the end of the contract in December. Mnet is also set to host the new live show season, finding new recruits of Kpop.
IZONE won on music show

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