BLACKPINK’s ultra-luxury plane: 4 bedrooms, 6 VIP seats 

As Korean Air and YG Entertainment enter a strategic partnership, BLACKPINK rides a dedicated luxury plane for their world tour.

A special relationship between Korean Air and YG?

Korean Air, a global airline that flies around the world, and YG, a representative Kpop agency, have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance the global spread of Korean culture and the brand’s status. The first step of this partnership is Korean Air becoming the official sponsor airline of BLACKPINK’s world tour. They not only provide a dedicated plane for the group but also offer discounted airline tickets and free additional baggage for the staff during the world tour. Moreover, passengers onboard can also enjoy a welcome message from BLACKPINK


Is there an airplane wrapped with BLACKPINK’s image?

In support of the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo, Korean Air introduced a special airplane. It is an aircraft wrapped with Blackpink’s image, combining the passion of Kpop and Korea’s expo bid to increase international attention. The BLACKPINK-wrapped airplane will fly around the world, starting from Paris, to promote the Busan World Expo.

The inside of BLACKPINK’s dedicated plane?

Recently, Korean Air unveiled the interior of BLACKPINK’s dedicated plane on social media. The aircraft features four bedrooms and six VIP seats, providing the perfect flying experience for BLACKPINK. The luxury plane also boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, ideal for relieving fatigue accumulated from busy schedules.

Does Korean Air provide special services?

It is known that Korean Air has prepared thoughtful gifts for BLACKPINK. In particular, adorable dolls representing each member, such as a teddy bear holding a flower for Jisoo, and a dog plushie resembling Rosé’s pet Hank, are placed on the members’ seat. BLACKPINK members also revealed these gifts on their Instagram stories and expressed their gratitude towards Korean Air.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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