The interior of BLACKPINK’s private plane when traveling abroad has been revealed 

Images of the inside of an exclusive plane used by BLACKPINK, who has grown into a world star, have been revealed.

On June 1st, the official Instagram account of Korean Air stimulated curiosity by publishing a post saying, “Rumored to be used by world class celebrities Blackpink, Korean Air has a private plane service?”

Along with the words “The answer is yes!”, a photo was shared, showing cards with the names of BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé placed on each seat, attracting attention.

In addition, the yellow bags with the engraved name of each member and adorable plushies were also placed on each seat, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

There were also other attached photos which showed the interior of BLACKPINK’s exclusive plane, revealing a spacious and comfortable space that exudes luxury and makes viewers envious.


Meanwhile, on the actual Korean Air Business Jet website, interior photos with unique features for various types of exclusive planes are available for viewing.

Furthermore, on the Instagram story of Korean Air, cute plushies symbolizing each Blackpink member were placed side by side, creating an adorable atmosphere.


Recently, Korean Air held a public event for the 2030 Busan World Expo Special Plane, and the large photos of BLACKPINK members on the plane caught attention.

In March, Korean Air signed an MOU with YG Entertainment to establish a strategic partnership and became the official sponsor airline for BLACKPINK’s world tour.


Fans have been amazed by Blackpink’s extravagant image of traveling on private planes and touring the world, showing their unwavering support.

Source: Insight 

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