Top 5 Kpop idols with the most followers on Instagram: BLACKPINK takes all of the top 4, who do the remaining spots belong to?

4 BLACKPINK girls have a huge number of followers, far beyond the artist at 5th place.

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world. And because of that, there are many records set on this social network. Out of millions of accounts and billions of photos on Instagram, have you ever wondered which photo got the most likes? And do you know who the top 5 Kpop celebrities with the most followers on Instagram are?

Lisa (54.1 million followers)

Lisa is currently the Kpop idol with the Instagram followers leading in Korea, Thailand and made it 6th in Asia. Not only owning a huge number of followers, Lisa is also the first Kpop artist to own 3 photos with more than 8 million likes on this platform.

Jennie (46.7 million followers)

Jennie is the first BLACKPINK member to release a solo product. Since debut until now, along with the members of the group, Jennie has continuously been one of the hottest faces, being paid great attention by the media, hunted for by brands, and most recently, she has made netizens a mess with the scandals dating with “Kpop king” G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

Rosé (41.9 million followers)

Rosé is always the center of attention with her cuteness and sweetness. She has a slim body with almost no excess fat. And recently “the Australian Rose” has also become viral when, thanks to the Australia brother, Vietnam has entered the final qualifying round of the World Cup.

Aside from giving love to our home country, Vietnamese fans were making the opportunity to thank and share some affection for Australia. And so Rosé also was given a lot of thanks.

Jisoo (41.9 million followers)

Also has the same number of followers as Rosé. The eldest member of the BLACKPINK family is also a global ambassador for the popular Dior brand. She can handle all the concepts of the brand from charisma to a pure muse.

Chanyeol (23.3 million followers)

The 5th place is of EXO’s Chanyeol. Regardless of the love scandals, everyone has to admit that Chanyeol is the great handsome man of SM and Kbiz. Currently, this handsome man is enlisting in the army and has always been fully supported by EXO-Ls. 

Source: K14

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