Hwasa: “It was hard being defined as a bad person just because I have makeup done and wear revealing clothes”

Hwasa revealed her sincere inner thoughts on “Stopping On The Road Once In A While”. 

KBS 2TV’s “Stopping On The Road Once In A While” features Lee Sun-hee, Lee Geum-hee, and Hwa Sa‘s familiar but special travelogue in a new city, Seoul.


Hwasa said, “Today is Valentine’s Day,” before giving chocolate to impress Lee Sun-hee and Lee Geum-hee. Hwasa said, “I was too nervous to sleep. I only slept for five minutes,” she said, expressing her tension and nervousness.

During the show, Hwasa smiled while talking to her father on the phone. Her father said, “Hwasa was bold when she was young. She even brought home the trophy from the oratorical competition. I was worried that she would make a mistake because she has a rash personality,” he said.


Hwasa also shared, “I think a rooftop room was my dream when I came up to Seoul. As soon as I came to Seoul, I just gotta have a rooftop room. It was so nice. It’s too cold and too hot, but I remember being very happy because there was a yard and the rooftop was all mine. I only remember the good things.”

Hwasa started to talk about her career as a singer, “It’s been 8 years. I don’t think I’m ashamed because I think I did my best. However, it feels like I’m still incomplete. I crave to do better,” she said.


Lee Sun-hee said she did not know the meaning behind when she first heard Hwasa‘s song “Maria,” “I just thought it was a common lyric written by the young lyricists these days, but when I looked at the contents in detail, I realized that expressing such a painful story casually is a way of expressing emotion now of people in their 20s,” she said.

In response, Hwa-sa said, “People dismissed me as a bad person, saying that it’s because I wear revealing clothes and has thicker makeup than others. I wrote it thinking about “Yes, I will give them tears,” and “Do I want these people to cry or to be hurt?” I get emotional right away when I have a hard time. The melody and lyrics came out smoothly. Maria is also my baptismal name. It makes me feel like I’m being comforted,” she confessed.


When asked what kind of story she wants to talk about these days, Hwasa said, “I’m thinking about the problems of this world in my own way. Like how I am always rebellious and it boils in my heart. Or how I am beautiful as I am, but I don’t like myself being swept away without realizing it as I pursue the outer appearance. I don’t know well, but I’m full of rebellion,” she answered with a smile.

Lee Sun-hee said, “There are still countless stories she wants to express. I hope we have many good female artists, too. Only then can Hwasa and other good juniors, who are unique in their own way, grow up and can watch their worldview in their field deepen with age. Even if it won’t go well, I hope you don’t get tired and continue to fight for it,” she said. 

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