The dad from “High Kick 2” – once a dashing male actor, now stuck in minor roles 

Past images of this “High Kick 2” actor drew attention for his outstanding visuals. 

In the national sitcom series “High Kick 2”, actor Jung Bo Suk played Heri’s dad Bo Suk, who constantly made trouble and was looked down on in the Lee family. With his clumsy and talentless nature, Bo Suk caused numerous consequences both at home and in the company, and left the Lees with various headaches. However, he also got his adoring features, and he also gained a lot of fans after the series ended. 

Jung Bo Suk
Jung Bo Suk played Bo Suk in “High Kick 2”
Jung Bo Suk
His character was a clumsy and pretty much talentless one. 
Jung Bo Suk
Still, he gained love for several redeeming features. 

Before “High Kick 2”, Jung Bo Suk already had plenty of experiences. The male actor debuted in 1987 with the K-drama “Song of Yearning”. At the time, he was quite a dashing visual, with a high nose bridge that can make many audiences green with envy. 

Jung Bo Suk
Jung Bo Suk’s shockingly handsome appearance in his youth. 

Throughout the 35 years since he entered the entertainment industry, Jung Bo Suk has mainly taken on supporting roles. “High Kick 2” marked an important milestone in his career. Currently, he is 61 years old. Even though he is already in his 60s, the actor is still in shape. His unmistakably bright, warm smile stays the same. Currently, he is still working hard acting and continues to greet viewers in new supporting roles. This year alone, he joined the cast of two dramas, “Sparkling Oh! Life” and “Adamas”. Both have yet to set an official release date.

Jung Bo Suk
Jung Bo Suk
Current photos of Jung Bo Suk

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