Kim Woo Bin took photos with fans with brighter appearance than before

This new image of Kim Woo Bin makes fans more assured about the health of the actor.

After more than a year receiving treatment for his nasopharyngeal cancer, recently, the actor’s personal page has posted two photos he shot with friends and fans. In the photo, Kim Woo Bin appeared with short hair with a very cheerful image. This new look of the actor makes fans extremely excited. He is now healthy, no different than when he had not had cancer.

According to the latest news, Woo Bin is in recovery phase and trying to have the best look. However, the actor has yet to mention his comeback plan.

Earlier, on August 11, he accompanied Lee Jong Suk to a coffee shop in Seoul. In the fantaken photos, Kim Woo Bin wore a black outfit, and looked rather skinny, with long hair, which made fans worried. Therefore, his third appearance after more than a year in treatment, Woo Bin has made fans feel more relieved.

Kim Woo Bin took photos with fans 2
Kim Woo Bin appeared with long hair.
Kim Woo Bin took photos with fans 33
Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin was born in 1989, starting out as a model before turning to acting. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in May 2017. He had a bleeding nose and swollen neck, and the doctor later said that he was in early cancer. From May 5 2017 until now, the actor canceled all his schedule to focus on radiotherapy.

Sources: OM

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