American teenagers shocked by difficulty of Korea’s English test, “What the heck is this?”

Teenagers from the US show shocked reactions to English questions from Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT)

In the January 22nd episode of E Channel and MBN’s “After School Korea: School Trip’, American teenagers can be seen taking classes with Korean students at a girls’ high school in Jeju Island.

Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test

Here, American teenagers challenged themselves to solve English questions on the Korean CSAT. They were put in a situation where they had to solve a total of 10 questions in 20 minutes.

Even though it was a test on English, the American teenagers’ native language, they pulled their hair out the moment they saw the questions, asking, “What the heck is this?”, “Is it supposed to be this hard?” and “It doesn’t make sense”. 

Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test

Then, as the end of the allowed 20-minute test time approached, the teens’ expressions became soured and they showed nervousness.

In the end, the results were shocking, with American teenagers scoring between 40 and 70 on average on the test, even though it was an English test.

On the other hand, among Korean students, there were also students who got all questions right and scored the maximum 100 points. Regarding this, Korean students explained, “Just because we did well on this test doesn’t mean we’re good at English. We did well on the test because we had a lot of problem-solving training.”

Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test

Meanwhile, American teenagers responded that they found the English test to be unfamiliar and difficult. They also commented that the Korean students were good at grammar and English, and that they think the test will still be challenging even if they received proper training. 

The impressions of American teenage students after taking the Korean CSAT can be found on E Channel and MBN’s “After School Korea: School Trip”, which will be airing at 9:20 PM on January 22nd.

Source: wikitree

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