Trot singer Hong Ji Yoon recalls the incident where a cricket climbed up her leg on stage 

Trot singer Hong Ji Yoon told an anecdote about an odd situation she had while performing and showed off her professionalism. 

In the 367th episode of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brother’, which aired on January 21st, the full story of Hong Ji Yoon’s experience during a performance was revealed.

On this day, in the ‘Truth or Lies’ corner, Hong Ji Yoon said, “While singing at an event, a cricket this big stuck to my leg. It gradually climbed up my body and all the way to my ears. I was tickled and so surprised that I ended up screaming and ended the performance.

Hong Jin Young

However, the story could be a lie. While everyone was suspicious, Lee Jin Ho confirmed it was true, saying, “The video of a cricket climbing up her leg was spreading on social media.” Hong Ji Yoon added, “The shorts have garnered 10 million views.”

As there is evidence video, Hong Ji Yoon’s story was confirmed to be true, but Hong J Yoon later revealed that only part of the story was true. Hong Ji Yoon showed her professionalism by explaining, “It climbed up to my abdomen and then went down. People would be surprised if I screamed, so I tried to contain it.”

In the actual video, Hong Ji Yoon took the camel cricket that went inside her skirt with a casual expression and removed it with her hand. 

Source: Daum. 

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