iKON’s exclusive contract expired, is leaving YG after 7 years together

Idol group iKON is leaving YG Entertainment after 7 years as the members decided not to renew their contracts.

According to insiders of the music industry on Dec 30th, iKON members Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, Koo Jun Hoe, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Jung Chan Woo have recently decided not to renew their contracts with their agency YG Entertainment. The group is leaving after 7 years of working with YG since their debut in September 2015.


The members are currently looking for a new agency and are widely considering establishing a management company to maintain the team.

In 2013, iKON participated and made their name known as Team B on Mnet’s idol debut survival program “WIN: Who’s the Next?”. Afterward, they made their official debut as iKON on September 15, 2015 with the pre-released song “MY TYPE”.

Since their debut, iKON has established themselves as a popular idol group by releasing mega hits such as “Killing Me,” “LOVE SCENARIO,” “Apology,” and “Rhythm Ta.” In 2019, leader B.I. left the team due to allegations of drug administration and purchase. The team then reorganized into a six-member group.


Along with group activities, the members are also carrying out various solo activities. Bobby, a member who got married in August last year, has been working as a solo artist since winning the Mnet rap competition program “Show Me the Money 3” in 2014. Member Kim Dong Hyuk is showing his ability by participating as a producer of iKON’s 4th mini-album “Flashback” released in May.

In addition, Kim Jin Hwan has been active on the stage of the musical “Dracula” while Song Yun Hyung and Jung Chan Woo are promoting on various entertainment programs. Koo Jun Hoe will start his acting career in the ENA drama “Bo Ra! Deborah”, which will air in the first half of next year.

Source: Sports DongA

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