“I’m sorry that my voice cracked”… IVE Rei, live certification at entertainment awards ceremony

IVE Rei apologized for making an “out of tune” mistake during the year-end awards ceremony celebratory stage.

At the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards, which aired on Dec 29th, girl group IVE, which shook the music industry in 2022, presented a celebratory stage. After performing “LOVE DIVE”, IVE sensibly changed the lyrics of “After LIKE” to boost the excitement.

However, at the beginning of the song “LOVE DIVE”, Rei‘s out of tune mistake was broadcast live.


As fans continued to worry, Rei reassured them through private message, “I’m not sick.

She then apologized, “It was a celebratory stage for an entertainment awards ceremony, but I’m sorry that my voice cracked too loud.

She added, “Yu Jin said that she started to get nervous from then on. I was also very surprised, but I enjoyed it since I came to celebrate.


Netizens left cheering comments such as “It’s okay. It’s just a mistake“, “It’s a proper live certification“, “She performed live well“, “I liked it because it was cute and felt like a live performance“, “IVE is prettier every time they perform live“…

Rei (real name Naoi Rei) is 18 years old this year. She debuted as a member of girl group IVE (An Yu Jin, Ga Eul, Rei, Jang Won Young, Liz, Leeseo) on Dec 1st, 2021. Her nationality is Japan and her family includes her parents and older sister.

Source: Nate

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