Turns out a composer of IU’s hit song “Lilac” is a doctor who never studied music

Did you know one of the composers of IU’s hit song “Lilac” is a real doctor? 

In the latest episode of Watcha’s program “Goblin Who Steals Wisdom”, Dr. Jo, who lives a double life, appeared as one of the guests.

On this day, Dr. Jo introduced himself, and suddenly sang IU’s song “Lilac” released in March last year that swept the music charts, drawing attention. Dr. Jo said, “My name is Dr. Jo, a doctor and composer of IU’s ‘Lilac’.”

MC Kang Ho-dong was very surprised that the person who made the beautiful melody of “Lilac” was a doctor. In addition to “Lilac,” Dr. Jo has written many other songs for famous artists such as TWICE, ITZY, and NMIXX. He was also the creator of the theme song for ‘Dokkaebi: Wisdom Hunters ’.

Dr. Jo, who has never received any formal music education, has been developing his skills by working on music to relieve fatigue during his busy medical school days.

After the birth of “Lilac”, Dr. Jo’s parents who used to oppose his music career by saying, “Study and work hard”, began to feel proud of their son. Dr. Jo said, “I looked at my mother’s playlist and there was ‘Lilac’.” He added that his mother even bragged about his musical career to their relatives.

Source: insight

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