“Sungkyunkwan University is love” A document posted by Goo Hye-sun that will make us clap naturally

Goo Hye-sun, who is active in various fields including actress, director and writer, once again delivered the news that will receive applause.

On July 24th, Goo Hye-sun posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “The school sent me a certificate of donation. Sungkyunkwan University is love.”

The photos showed a certificate of donation sent by Sungkyunkwan University. Sungkyunkwan University sent a message of gratitude to Goo Hye-sun, saying, “We deeply appreciate the great love and support that you have given for the development of Sungkyunkwan University.”

Earlier, Goo Hye-sun donated all of the prize money she received from the Audience Award with “Dark Yellow” at the 24th Short Shorts Film Festival to her alma mater Sungkyunkwan University. At that time, Goo Hye-sun said, “I donated to my alma mater when I heard that there are students who skipped school meals due to difficult economic conditions. It’s not a big amount, but I hope my juniors eat well.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hye-sun entered Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Imaging in 2011, but took a long leave of absence due to her work. She is currently attending school after returning to school in 2020.

Source: wikitree

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