“I’ve never kissed my husband this year”… Everyone was shocked by Lee Hyo-ri’s remark

Lee Hyo-ri talked about her skinship with her husband Lee Sang-soon.

On the April 15th broadcast of TVING’s “Seoul Check-in“, Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong-min, Shinji, DinDin and Eun Ji-won traveled to the ski resort. They met after a long time and had a serious conversation at the pension.

On this day, DinDin asked Lee Hyo-ri, “I’ve always been curious. Where does your certainty of getting married come from?” Lee Hyo-ri replied, “As soon as I met Sang-soon, I was sure.”

DinDin then reaffirmed, “Married people say that they feel like ‘I have to marry this person’. But when you meet someone else, do you feel like ‘If I marry him, it’ll be okay’?”

Lee Hyo-ri said, “It’s different. Before that, I said ‘I want to get married’, but when I met my husband, I thought ‘I’m going to get married’. So, I even sent a text message to my friend saying ‘I think I’m going to marry him’.”

Afterwards, the topic of conversation moved on to “The Last Kiss”. Lee Hyo-ri suddenly asked Eun Ji-won, “When is your last kiss?” While Eun Ji-won was bewildered, DinDin appeared with a lie detector machine.

Kim Jong-min, the first one challenging the lie detector machine, said he had never had his last kiss this year. The result was true. The second one was Lee Hyo-ri.

When asked “Have you ever kissed Lee Sang-soon this year?”, Lee Hyo-ri confessed, “I gave him a kiss on the cheek, but I didn’t kiss him on the lips.” Kim Jong-min and DinDin looked perplexed at her honest answer, making everyone burst into laughter.

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