The Seoul National Univ. alumni Kim Shin-rok of “Hellbound”, will she be the next sensation?

Kim Shin-rok, an alumnus at SNU who debuted as an actor 17 years ago, showcased her overwhelming presence in “Hellbound”. Will she be the next sensation like “Squid Game” Jung Ho-yeon?

The Seoul National Univ. alumni Kim Shin-rok of “Hellbound”, will she be the next sensation?

If for Netflix’s Squid Game”, it was Jung Ho-yeon, then for Hellbound”, it’s Kim Shin-rok. Kim Shin-rok increased the audience’s immersion in the show with her strong presence that might even overwhelm the best actors. As actor Kim Shin-rok is finally rediscovered through “Hellbound”, it is no exaggeration to say that she is the biggest beneficiary of “Hellbound.”

The world’s response to “Hellbound” is hot. A day after its release, it topped Netflix World’s Top 10 TV Programs category and topped a total of 24 countries, including Belgium, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, and Morocco. On Rotten Tomato, a world-renowned film criticism site, the series also received a 100% freshness index.

The unconventional setting of people being sentenced to hell by angels who appeared out of nowhere, the messages about the human community, Yoo Ah-in, Park Jung-min, and Kim Hyun-joo‘s acting  are elements that make the movie so well received by the audience. 

The Seoul National Univ. alumni Kim Shin-rok of “Hellbound”, will she be the next sensation?

In particular, Kim Shin-rok clearly made her name through “Hellbound”. Kim Shin-rok played Park Jung-ja, who was suddenly sentenced to hell in front of h young children and then broadcast live on a demonstration of her trip to hell, through which she perfectly expresses the emotions of the characters in confusion and despair, drawing admiration. Her motherhood toward the left children is moving.

Above all, the demonstration scene of her receiving 3 billion won from Jeong Jin-soo (played by Yoo Ah-in), the chairman of the New Truth Society, and facing brutal death in front of numerous camera flashes is shocking itself. The ending, in which she turns her head with a surprised look when hearing the sound of the running hell lions, is truly overwhelming.

Director Yeon Sang-ho is also impressed by Kim Shin-rok‘s performance, saying, “Her acting just before the demonstration is an acting that penetrates all parts of ‘Hellbound’.” 

The Seoul National Univ. alumni Kim Shin-rok of “Hellbound”, will she be the next sensation?

Kim Shin-rok, who showed her presence through “Hellbound,” is an actor in her 17th year since her debut. Debuting with the play “Survival Calendar”, she later appeared in the films “Purport of Love”, “White Butterfly”, and “Burning”, but failed to play a significant role. Her debut in the drama industry was “The Cursed” in 2020, and she also appeared for a little bit in “Beyond Evil” and “You Are My Spring”

In addition, Kim Shin-rok is known to be from a prestigious university with high education. She graduated from Seoul National University’s Department of Geography and obtained a master’s degree in Theater and Film at Hanyang University Graduate School of Arts and a specialist in acting and arts at the Korea Arts Center.

With the unusual popularity of “Hellbound,” expectations for Kim Shin-rok are growing. Amidst this situation, Kim Shin-rok will show a different face from “Hellbound” through “One Ordinary Day,” which will be released on Nov 27th. 

In “One Ordinary Day”, which features the survival of Kim Hyun-soo (Kim Soo-hyun), who is just an ordinary college student but became a murder suspect overnight, and Shin Eui (Cha Seung-won), a third-class lawyer who does not ask for the truth, she plays the role of Ahn Tae-hee, a prosecutor with a 100% winning rate. With the promotion just around the corner, attention is focused on Kim Shin-rok‘s transformation, who will play a role at a crossroads of choice after facing an unusual murder case that caused a stir in the public. 


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